JB eXperience™ v2

15.03.2013 17:36

Features :


Based on .54 ICS with latest leaked JB firmware apps.
AROMA installer.
Tiny Size - Only ~200MB
Barebone and PRE-ROOTED.
First time ~200MB FREE RAM on Barebone(pre defined) installation.
Works with Locked and Unlocked Bootloader.
Xperia Z Default Xperia NxT framework.
5 best fonts(Default, Ubuntu, Nokia Pure, Sony Sketch, Rosemary)
Nearly all stock features with tweaks.
Supports Munjeni's Memory Tweaks or Memory Tweaks+OC kernel (other wise known as V14)
Xperia T launcher with settings + Fast Xperia Z launcher + Free Paid Primo Launcher + Default Xperia NxT launcher
All New Sony Widgets.
Simple JB SystemUI, ICS Tab n Gird SystemUI and JB Tab n Grid SystemUI
Bravia Engine 2 from Xperia Z
New Sony JB Walkman with Working Download Info - illuminate your music
New Sony JB Album and Movies.
Latest Xperia Z Original Themes + Xperia Z Inspired Themes + Default Xperia NxT Themes
Xperia JB bootanimation + Xperia NxT bootanimation + Naxus bootanimation
Xperia Z home wallpapers + Xperia Z lockscreen wallpapers
CM10 ringtone pack.
Xperia Z JB phonebook
Xperia Z JB conversation
My Xperia - find your lost phone.
Xperia Link - Lets you connect to the internet
Lockscreen with shortcuts, music control and time.
Supports OTA(over the air) updates.
All new build.prop tweaks added.
Init.d support(thunderbolt, supper charger)
Xperia Fiedility tweaks added.
Battery Life Tweaks Added.
GPS Optimization.
Xperia T KeyBoard.
Speedy Droid Integrated - select bloatware and features to remove.
Completely Ads FREE eXperience.
Low memory killer(makes free ram automatically).
Important apps (dialer, launcher) fixed at RAM.
Modificated Settings with CPU Control.
Ilumination Bar Notifications.
Big InfiniteView.
Dholphine HD + Opera Mini + Stock + Chrome Browser
Facebook + Whats App Plus + Gmail 4.2
ES File Manager
Enhanced Deep Sleep and Power Saving.
Traffic data notification disabled.
Good for HD Gaming.(tested using MC3)
Added More Speed
And Many More... Check Out For Yourselves....

Change Log:

eXperience v2.1 (27-02-2013)

  • New walkman added.
  • OnOffTools fixed.
  • New photo widget added.
  • New SkyFall Theme Added.
  • New framework added for XU
  • Framework fixed.
  • Phonebook FC fixed.
  • OTA update notification fixed.
  • More Speed Added.
  • eXperience v2.0 (23-02-2013)
    • Reduced the size.(Now 200MB only)
    • Xperia Z framework added.
    • Xperia Z and Primo Launcher added.
    • Xperia Z original themes and default Xperia NxT themes added
    • 5 new fonts added(Default, Ubuntu, Nokia Pure, Sony Sketch, Rosemary).
    • JB simple and JB Tab n Grid SystemUI added.
    • New JB apps added.
    • OTA support added
    • Now add shortcuts on lockscreen.
    • GPS Optimized.
    • Speedy Droid Integrated.
    • Ads FREE eXperience added.
    • ES File Manager added.
    • Dholphine HD,Opera Mini,Facebook,Gmail 4.2 added.
    • Traffic data notification disabled.
    • Modificated Settings with CPU Control.
    • Init.d support.
    • Xperia Fiedility tweaks updated.
    • More smoother eXperience.
    • Added More Speed.

    eXperience v1.4.3 (02-02-2013)
    • Reduced the size.
    • Sony widgets bug fixed (installation option added in AROMA).
    • NFC fixed.
    • WiFi fixed.
    • GPS fixed.
    • Facelock junk removed (Thanks to lalit387 ).
    • Walkman Engine updated.
    • Launcher updated.
    • Skyfall theme added.
    • Init.d support (beta).
    • Xperia Fiedility tweaks added.
    • More smoother eXperience.
    • Added More Speed.

    eXperience v1.1 (24-01-2013)
    • Removed few apps from Barebone installation.
    • Fixed aroma configuration.
    • Added speed.

    eXperience v1.0 (23-01-2013) - My First ROM 
    • Initial release.

    Download: Click Here

    Instalación (No tengo un Xperia U a mano, pero imagino que será como todo)
    Wipe data
    Wipe dalvick cache
    Insalar la rom